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Wednesday, 16. September 2015. 15:38

Meeting with Friendship Group of Kuwait held

Foundation set for parliamentary cooperation between Montenegro and Kuwait

The Fifth Friendship Group of the National Assembly of Kuwait, headed by Chair of the Group Mr Faisal Fahad Al Shaya, is staying in an official visit to Montenegro from 14 to 18 September.

During the working part of the visit to the Montenegrin Parliament, meetings were held with the Friendship Group of the Parliament of Montenegro for cooperation with Kuwait, headed by Vice President of the Parliament and Chair of the Group Mr Milutin Simović.

The meeting of members of the two friendship groups proceeded in a constructive conversation during which they agreed on the need for a more intensive political and economic cooperation, especially with regard to opportunities for foreign investments offered by Montenegro.

Estimating that the visit represented a foundation of the parliamentary cooperation but also the overall relations between the two countries, the members of both parliaments agreed that it was necessary to continue the initiated sharing of information and experiences, especially via official visits as the best manner of strengthening bilateral relations.

Chair of the Friendship Group for cooperation with Kuwait Mr Milutin Simović pointed out the opportunities for intensifying economic cooperation, especially concrete opportunities in the fields of energy and transport infrastructure. Pointing out that one of the priorities of Montenegro was to create a business environment for attracting foreign investments, Mr Simović indicated that the necessary legal framework was built in that part, guaranteeing security, rule of law, and protection of investments.  

Chair of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of the National Assembly of Kuwait Mr Faisal Fahad Al Shay proposed the initiative for cooperation between the chambers of economy of Montenegro and Kuwait, as well as establishment of a mixed joint committee within the two chambers of economy, and through their work projects of interest to the both countries could be analysed. They showed special interest in the fields of health, tourism, establishing air traffic between Kuwait and Montenegro, as well as the overall increase in the scope of trade exchange.

The meeting was attended by members of the Friendship Group for cooperation with Kuwait: Mr Miodrag Vuković, Mr Predrag Sekulić, Mr Suljo Mustafić, Mr Srđan Milić, and Mr Genci Nimanbegu.

Delegation of the Friendship Group of Kuwait, in addition to the Chair of the Group Mr Faisal Fahad Al Shaya, consisted of Vice Chair of the Group Mr Mubarak Selem Al Harees and member Mr Awda Al-Awda Al-Rowaey. The Fifth Friendship Group of the National Assembly of Kuwait is responsible for cooperation with seventeen countries, including Montenegro.

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