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Monday, 29. October 2012. 13:25

First Day of the International Conference in Sarajevo, Where MPs of the Parliament of Montenegro – Mr. Miodrag Vuković and Mr. Velizar Kaluđerović Participated in, Ends

International Conference “The Role of Parliaments in the process of European Integration: constitutional and legislative changes” started today, organized by the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the opening statement, Mr. Božo Ljubić the President of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina stated that the conference was organized with the aim of exchange of opinions on the process of European integration among representatives of the parliaments of states participating in the Stabilisation and Association Process. Referring to the importance of the European Integration process for the countries in the region, the President of the House of Representatives stated that the stability of the Balkans was of crucial importance for the security of Europe. Emphasizing the role of the parliament, he pointed out the necessity of detailed monitoring of the European integration process through monitoring the work of the government, compliance of the national legislation with European one and informing the public on the changes brought by the process.

Mr. Eduard Kukan, the Chairman of the Delegation of the European Parliament for relations with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo emphasized the need for more active role of parliaments, which would be achieved through monitoring mechanisms such as parliamentary investigations, public discussions and interpellations. Parliaments must have significant place in the process of adopting regulations in compliance with European law and through monitoring the implementation of law, said Mr. Kukan and added that the existing capacities of national parliaments of states in the region must be strengthened with the engagement of experts in the most various fields.

Requirements for membership, in the single market, economic and monetary union, conducting the EU policies, as well as participation of the civil sector in the process of European integration were discussed from various aspects during the Conference. Special attention was paid to obligations of the candidate state before entering the EU, such as ratification of bilateral agreements of the European Union and modification of the constitution aimed at transferring a part of competences from a state to the institutions of the EU. During the discussion, parliamentarians agreed that shaken public trust in parliaments, as institutions which represented democratic voice of the citizens through directly elected members, must be reinforced.  

MPs of the Parliament of Montenegro, the Chairman of the Committee on International Relations and European Integration, Mr. Miodrag Vuković and Vice- Chairman of the Constitutional Issues and Legislative Committee, Mr. Velizar Kaluđerović, also participated in the meeting.

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