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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 21. February 2014. 16:53

Meeting of secretaries generals of the Parliament of Montenegro and the Parliament of Kosovo

Views on issues significant for the work of parliamentary administration shared 

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Damir Davidovič informed Secretary General of the Parliament of Kosovo Mr Ismet Krasniqi and his associates on innovations in the structure and manner of work of the Parliamentary Service, implemented during the recent years with the aim of strengthening the expert help provided to MPs. In addition to amendments to the Rulebook on Organisation and Systematisation of the Parliamentary Service, adoption of the strategic documents recognising the need for further development and improvement of the Parliamentary Service has had a special significance in the field of strengthening Parliament’s administrative capacities.

Mr Davidović emphasised that a special attention has been continuously paid to improvements in the field of planning the work of the Parliament, including the adoption of the annual Legislative work plan, Action Plan for Strengthening the Legislative and Oversight Role of the Parliament of Montenegro, Calendar of Activities as well as annual work plans of Parliament’s working bodies.

At the meeting, secretaries shared experiences and views on openness and transparency of parliamentary work and the importance of strengthening ties between legislative power and citizens. With regard to that, Secretary General of the Parliament of Kosovo and his associates were informed on the programme “Open Parliament”, which includes visits to the Parliament of Montenegro, Children’s Parliament, exhibitions and other similar events aimed at informing the citizens on the Parliament’s work.

Guests from Priština were particularly interested in implementation of the project Democracy Workshops, where students from primary schools acquire knowledge on parliamentary democracy, functioning of the Parliament, adoption and application of laws.

Apart from the meeting with the Secretary General, representatives of the Parliament of Kosovo Service visited democracy workshop on the topic “Democracy and Parliament”, where participants were from the Primary school “Blažo Jakov Orlandić“, Bar. Also, the Parliament of Montenegro organised for the guests a short presentation of the project, with the promote video on Democracy Workshops.