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Skupština Crne Gore
Wednesday, 10. December 2014. 15:52

Secretary General of the Parliament participates in the Conference on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Siniša Stanković participated today in the Conference on the occasion of marking the International Human Rights Day, organised by the Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms of the Parliament of Montenegro in cooperation with the Institution of the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro, Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, OSCE Mission to Montenegro and NGO "Civic Alliance". 

Within the discussion on the topic “Accessibility and persons with disabilities", Secretary General Stanković pointed out that since the beginning of 2011, the Parliament of Montenegro has issued three public notices for procuring an inclined platform lift for the transport of disabled persons. However, all three public procurement procedures were unsuccessful, due to technical legal reasons. The 2014 Action plan to adapt buildings in public use for access, movement and use of persons with reduced mobility, adopted by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, envisages the necessary elements of accessibility. In the first half of this year, the Directorate of Public Works called a tender for drafting of technical documents for all buildings included in the plan, including the building of the Parliament, and it would be followed by the tender for construction which would also be prepared by the Directorate of Public Works.

The Secretary General estimated that during the following year persons with reduced mobility will be able to access the building of the Parliament, which had been built in 1954, which made it difficult to find the adequate solution, concluding that the unrestricted access of these persons to the building of the Parliament represented a necessary prerequisite to fulfil the principle of openness and transparency.