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Thursday, 24. September 2015. 17:00

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro met in Zagreb with the Secretary General of the Croatian Parliament

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Siniša Stanković, met today in Zagreb with Ms Lidija Bagarić, Secretary General of the Croatian Parliament

During the meeting of Mr Stanković and Ms Bagarić, it was pointed to the good relations and meaningful cooperation of the Parliament of Montenegro and the Croatian Parliament, and it was concluded that there was extra space that could be used for co-operation and exchange of experiences in the field of competence that professional services had in terms of improving working conditions of MPs Groups and MPs, in professional and administrative logistics aspect.

Secretary General of the Montenegrin Parliament, Mr Siniša Stanković, used this oportunity to point out that the Service of the Parliament noted continuous development in terms of human resources and professionallity, and that experience of the Croatian Parliament in the pre-accession process and following full membership in the community of European nations was significant.

Secretary General of the Croatian Parliament, Ms Lidija Bagarić, expressed readiness of the Service of the Croatian Parliament to intensify cooperation and exchange of experiences with the Montenegrin Parliament, assessing that fresh experience of Croatia during EU accession could be very useful for Montenegro.

The meeting also highlighted positively evaluated efforts and results of both parliaments in strengthening constitutional oversight functions of the executive branch of power, as well as their commitment to building a professional service. The interlocutors agreed that it was necessary to start an initiative to find models for monitoring of the implementation of the adopted laws, and, in that process, the European Parliament should be involved.