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Tuesday, 26. March 2013. 10:01

Meeting of Secretary General with Representatives of SIGMA program

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr. Damir Davidović met today with the expert of SIGMA program Mr. Klaus Goetz and representative of the program Mr. Klas Klaas, who paid two days visit to Montenegro.

The aim of the visit was obtaining information on the work of the Parliament and coordination of European integration which would be necessary for preparation of analytic document on the process of creating public policies, including legislative process as well, and coordination between state bodies and within the state administration. This study, being done for the first time, would provide comprehensive analysis and suggestions related to the enhancement of process and procedures.

Secretary General informed interlocutors on the progress made by the Parliament of Montenegro in the previous period, both in strengthening its legislative and control role and enhancing professional and administrative capacities. In that regard, the importance of adopting the amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament was particularly pointed out, aimed at further enhancement of the work and creating organizational and other preconditions for strengthening of control role of the Parliament. Special attention was paid to enhancing the planning of the work of the Parliament and professional development of employees, in particular in terms of performing the checking of the harmonization of Montenegrin legislation with the EU law.

Experts of SIGMA expressed pleasure over the progress achieved by the Parliament, in particular in terms of transparency of its work and availability of all information on the work of the Parliament.

Actual measures for strengthening legislative and control role of the parliament in 2013, spatial capacities of the Parliament, procedure of employing and professional support to the work of the MPs clubs were also discussed at the meeting.

In addition to the meeting with the Secretary General, representatives of SIGMA program held meetings today with the Chairman and Members of the Legislative Committee and Committee on Political System, Justice and Administration, Chief of the Cabinet of the President of the Parliament, Assistant to the Secretary General, Secretary of the Constitutional Committee and employees in the Sector for Research, Analysis, Library and Documentation.