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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 04. December 2015. 18:12

Meeting of secretaries general of parliaments of the Western Balkan countries held in Tirana

Public participation of great importance for the work of parliament 

Secretary General of the Parliament Mr Siniša Stanković took part in the meeting of secretaries general of parliaments of the Western Balkan countries, held in Tirana, in the organisation of the OSCE Presence to Albania and the Albanian Parliament.

The meeting was concentrated on the topics related to transparency and public participation in the legislative process. In his introductory speech, Speaker of the Albanian Parliament Mr Ilir Meta emphasised the importance of transparency as a tool that satisfied the vision of inclusive, accessible and effective parliament, while Acting Head of the OSCE Presence to Albania Mr Robert Wilton underlined the need of citizens to obtain as much as possible information about the work of parliament, because that was the only way to require greater accountability of their elected representatives.  The meeting was an opportunity for participants to share experiences regarding the manners of strengthening ties between parliaments and citizens, and the development of communication strategies was also discussed.

Within the session devoted to strategic planning and drafting of action plans in parliament, Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro pointed out to the significance of strategic approach in planning and implementing activities in any organisation, including the parliament. Mr Stanković added that a number of improvements in the work of the Parliamentary Service, and the Parliaments as a whole, has been a result of such approach and carefully implemented planning process. The exceptionally high level of transparency that the Parliament of Montenegro has achieved was stressed.