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Thursday, 21. March 2013. 10:03

Meeting Mr. Davidović – Mr. Walker

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr. Damir Davidović, received Mr. Laurie Walker, Chief of the NATO Desk for Montenegro.

The Secretary General informed his interlocutor about the most important progress in the work of the Parliament of Montenegro during the previous year. There was emphasis on the amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, due to which, instead of the previous Constitutional Issues and Legislative Committee, the Constitutional Committee and the Legislative Committee had been formed, while the Committee for International Relations and European Integration had been separated into Committee for International Relations and Emigrants and the Committee on European Integration, and the new Anti-Corruption Committee had been established as well.

They also spoke of the role of the Parliament of Montenegro in the process of accession negotiations with the European Union, including the role of the Committee on European Integration in monitoring the negotiations, as well as extended competencies of the line committees in monitoring and assessment of compliance with the acquis communautaire.

Davidović pointed out that the Parliament of Montenegro, through the Acton Plan for strengthening the legislative and oversight role of the Parliament for 2013, will introduce a number of novelties aimed at further strengthening of the oversight, via establishing the practice of regular consideration of implementation of laws, as well as the state in certain areas by the Committee.

Another topic at the meeting of Mr. Davidović and Mr. Walker was strengthening of administrative capacities of the Parliamentary Service, as well as plans for greater use of expert assistance of the European Commission via the TAIEX programme, primarily in the expertise of compliance of the law with the EU legislation in certain areas.