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Skupština Crne Gore

rifatParliamentary Positions

  • Chairperson - Committee on Political System, Justice and Administration
  • Member - Social democratic Party of Montenegro
  • Member - Administrative Committee

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 11 July 1950
Place of Birth: Radmanci near Berane

Contact Information

Phone Number:


Mr Rifat Rastoder.

Electrical Engineer. Born in Bihor, near Berane, on 11 July 1950. He has been living in Podgorica since 1969.

He belongs to the narrow circle of professionals of contemporary political scene of Montenegro. He also belonged to the narrow circle of anti-war activists from the period of disintegration of the former Yugoslavia as well as creators and protagonists of protection of human and especially so called minority rights in Montenegro. In a long period he has been one of the most famous sports and cultural workers and, above all, journalists and publicists.

He has been professionally engaged journalist since 1980. He worked in Radio Crna Gora until the end of 1986 covering positions of: journalist, program editor and program block editor. From the end of 1986 he was: journalists, internal political column editor, and independent commentator in daily newspaper Pobjeda. He was named the best journalist for 1990.

After the conflict with editorial policy of Pobjeda in 1991, he continued working in magazines “Krug” and “Liberal”, then as journalist and editor in weekly magazine “Monitor”. He is one of the initiators of foundation of Radio “Antena M”. He is a member of Independent Union of Journalists of Montenegro

He is a co-author of the book “Crvena mrlja” (Red Stain), author of the books: “Pravo na ime” (Right to the Name), “Usud imena” (Destiny of the Name) and “Dan sjećanja” (Remembrance Day), as well as several feuilletons and studies on media freedom, human and minority rights, etc.

He gained several different sports trophies and awards for contribution to the development of theatrical expression and overall culture.

When it comes to politics, he is one of the founders and Vice Presidents of the Civic movement “Public against Fascism“ (1990); member of the Presidency of the Civic Forum of Montenegro (1990); one of the founders of the Reformist Movement for Montenegro (1990); founder of the Forum of Bosniaks of Montenegro; one of the founders of Social Democratic Party and its Vice President, since 1995.

He was elected MP in six terms and Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro in five terms. On that occasion, in several mandates, he performed duty of the Head of the MP Group of SDP, President of the parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms, and coordinator of working groups for drafting lew regulation on human and minority rights, electoral legislation, Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, etc, etc.

Foreign languages: Russian; English – basic knowledge;

Nationality: Bosniak;

Denomination: Islamic

Marriage Status: married, father of two children

Address: Ulica Avnoja – 32, Podgorica


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