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Monday, 27. October 2014. 15:13

Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Suljo Mustafić speaks with heads of Pljevlja Municipality

Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Suljo Mustafić pays a working visit to Pljevlja Municipality

Mr Mustafić has extended congratulations to President of the Municipality Mr Mirko Đačić and his associates on their election, saying that results are expected from the local government, which would contribute to more efficient work of the local government and economic recovery of Pljevlja.

Mr Mustafic stresses that lawfulness of the local government work is the most important issue, as well as its efficiency for all citizens.

In addition, Vice President Mustafiuć says that natural, social, cultural and economic potentials of Pljevlja Municipality should be used, through sustainable projects and infrastructural investments which should encourage development and prevent immigration.

President of Pljevlja Munisipality Mr Mirko Đačić underlines the importance of strengthening communications and relations which contribute to more efficient cooperation among state and local institutions.

Mr Đačić says that local government of Pljevlja Municipality faces two biggest problems: bad infrastructure and a great number of unemployed persons. He adds that the local government would give a full contribution to sustainable projects for increasing the employment rate, construction of road infrastructure, preservation of the architecture and ambient planning for better utility equipment, as well as better valorisation of the natural potentials.