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Monday, 17. November 2014. 13:45

Statement of the Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Branko Radulović

Draft Resolution on Environmental Protection, which was submitted to the parliamentary procedure in September, has fully justified its initiative in a way that it drew public attention to one of the major challenges of Montenegro. 

The document was a direct motive to organize in the Parliament of Montenegro a Round table discussion on "Improving the environmental situation in Montenegro". Roundtable participants, among whom there were officials from the relevant ministry and the negotiating team, representatives of MASA, University of Montenegro, NGOs, the European Commission, international organizations and relevant institutions, supported the idea of drafting and adoption of this document. On this occasion, comments on the Draft document have been expressed, as well as suggestions for improving its contents, which have been later submitted to the submitted of the Proposal in writing.

Bearing in mind the vision of this resolution, and that all this time the public concerned was consulted in order to incorporate all the suggestions and to improve the situation in Montenegro, the first submitted draft will be withdrawn from parliamentary procedure, and this new draft will be submitted and included. Despite the large number of proposals submitted by the relevant entities in this field, the Draft Resolution on Environment includes the findings of the European Environment Agency from Copenhagen with which we held meetings.

In accordance with the decision of the Collegium of the Parliament of Montenegro, the Draft will be on the agenda of some of the sittings during the month of December. We are confident that this draft will have the full support of MPs and that with this initiative we will contribute to enhancing the environment in Montenegro.

Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Branko Radulović Prof PhD