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Thursday, 30. April 2015. 12:46

Vice-President of the Parliament, Mr Suljo Mustafić, met the Mayor of the Municipality of Plav, Mr Orhan Šahmanović

Vice-President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Suljo Mustafić, visited Plav today, where he met the Mayor of the Municipality of Plav, Mr Orhan Šahmanović

Vice-PresidentMustafić pointed out the need of improving legislation in order to attract investments for the sake of reviving economic activities in Plav and other underdeveloped regions of Montenegro.

- One of the priority objectives is overcoming of administrative procedures in order to allow potential investors to invest in sustainable projects in these areas with as few barriers as possible, Mr Mustafićsaid.

Mr Mustafić has emphasized roles of both legislative and executive authorities with a view of better cooperation with emigrants from Montenegro, reminding of an important role municipalities have, the ones being homes of numerous communities abroad.

- It is important that the state undertook more determined measures in terms of correcting decades of lagging behind in the development of certain parts of the country, in order to stop the current wave of immigration, being increasingly common, primarily for economic reasons.

In this regard, we must react more effectively and decisively through the coordination of civil services, executive authorities and local governments, Mr Mustafić emphasised.

Mayorof the Municipality, Mr Orhan Šahmanović,noted that Plav was highly underdeveloped region, despite natural and geographic potentials, and that significant valirisation of those resources was expected, for the purpose of which creating conditions was necessary, through the construction of high-quality infrastructure projects, especially roads that would better connect the municipality with the region.

- Contacts with our people who live across the United States and Western Europe should be more intense and frequent, in order to encourage with direct dialogue and motivate our diaspora to invest in Plav. We also believe that underdeveloped areas will be the focus of government development policy, because that would be the only way we could stop the migration of population that has lasted for decades here, said Mr Šahmanović.

The meeting was also attended by the Vice-President of the Assembly of the Municipality of Plav, Mr Izet Hadžimušović.