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Wednesday, 20. May 2015. 15:53

Vice President of Parliament Mr Branko Radulović receives Vice Marshal of the Polish Sejm Mr Jerzy Wenderlich

Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Branko Radulović today received Vice Marshal of the Polish Sejm Mr Jerzy Wenderlich, in official visit. On the occasion, two officials discussed political, socio-economical and security situation in the European Union, Poland and Montenegro, as well as EU enlargement policy and Montenegro’s integration capacities. 

Vice Marshal Wenderlich supported willingness of Montenegro to continue it Euro-Atlantic integration, and stressed that open dialogue was necessary for achieving the greater support of citizens to Montenegro’s membership to the NATO.  In the part of conversation relating to economic situation in Poland, Vice MarshalWenderlich emphasised that the greatest attention was directed towards three fields: infrastructure, protection of environment and improvement of local self-government. He particularly underlined that Poland was one of three among 28 EU countries with the best development per GDP, which primarily resulted from big investments in science and research, and connection of scientific work with economy. Vice Marshal Wenderlich considers that euro zone should survive on clear Maastricht Criteria, where allowed deficit would be respected as well as the amount of public debt. He also thinks that European institutions should be reformed in order to make the European Union more active and effective. In that manner, the EU will become an alliance of states which will enable the rule of law and socio-economic welfare.

During the meeting, Vice President Radulović praised the example of long-term development of Poland, which was characterised by building of infrastructure with the use of domestic workforce, model of economic development and its wish to be among the developed world’s countries. Additionally, he praised the intelligent development through encouragement of innovations in economy, as well as ties among science, production and investments in Poland’s energy sector.   Vice President Radulović particularly singled out the Polish example in the field of protection of immovable property and agricultural soil, where Poland, during the application of Stabilisation and Association Agreement and negotiating chapter for accessing the EU succeeded to gain transitional period of 13 years. When it comes to situation in the EU, Vice President Radulović emphasised that the EU had no effective and principled attitude towards candidate countries for the EU membership and that the process of integration was not just a matter of fulfilling the given conditions but also the geopolitical situation and the influence of great powers.

Vice President Radulović informed the Vice Marshal of the Polish Sejm on current political and social-economic situation in Montenegro, as well as on activities that the Democratic Front would undertake with the aim of helping the country to exit the deep general crisis. Furthermore, Vice President Radulović stressed that the establishment of the transitional government with the view of holding free elections would have been an optimal initiative, what was proposed in the Parliament, but that protests were the only remaining solution after the said proposal had been refused by the ruling coalition. Vice President Radulović voiced concerns over the state in Macedonia, saying that after the unfortunate events in Kumanovo, the EU and USA in particular should pay attention to the political and security situation in the Balkans.