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Saturday, 25. June 2016. 16:39

Vice President of the Parliament Mr Suljo Mustafić takes part in joint iftar in Ankara

Vice President of the Parliament Mr Suljo Mustafić took part in joint iftar in Ankara, organised by the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA).

The program prepared for this occasion included a scientific symposium "Balkan Islamic heritage", whereat important public figures and scientists from the Balkans and Turkey participated.

Delegation of Montenegro, composed, aside from Mr Mustafić, of Vice President of the Government Mr Rafet Husović councillor in the Local Assembly of the Capital City Mr Nedžad Drešević and Reis of the Islamic Community in Montenegro Mr Fejzić, had, at the margins of this gathering, several meetings with Turkish officials - Deputy Prime Minister Mr Veysel Kaynak, Chair of the Constitution Committee of the Turkish Parliament Mr Mustafa Şentop, President of the parliamentary friendship group Turkey - Montenegro Ms Hüsnüye Erdoğan and Reis of Turkey Mr Mehmet Görmez. 

The interlocutors noted good relations of the two friendly countries in political, economic and cultural spheres, and at all levels - from state institutions to local administrations.

They jointly noted that there was room for further improvement, through friendly relations of Montenegro and Turkey, support to NATO integration of Montenegro and further joint activities with regard to European integration.

In the conversation with President of the Government’s agency TIKA Mr Serdar Çam, they voiced pleasure over the activities in Montenegro and the implementation of numerous projects in the field of culture, education, health care, infrastructure building and improvement of the work of religious institutions.

They concluded that projects important to citizens, local communities and state institutions would be supported more intensively in the future. 

Ambassador of Montenegro Mr Branko Milić attended the meetings in Ankara.