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Thursday, 07. July 2016. 19:08

Reply: Mustafić - Bečanović

Reply of Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Suljo Mustafić to Ms Tanja Bečanović, with regard to the invitation for the meeting of the Council for complying the Dictionary in the extended composition:

               “Dear Ms  Bečanović-Đurišić,

               I understood from your official letter that you have scheduled the meeting of the Council for compying the Dictionary in the extended composition, and that you invited MPs to attend it.

               As far as I know, no MP is a member of that body in permanent or extended composition, therefore I do not understand the formal reason for the invitation. However, even if I were to skip the formalities, there is an essential reason which does not allow me to attend or participate in the work of this body.

               Namely, not You, nor the President of the Council for complying the Dictionary, together with others, as performers, nor the President of CANU, as the order , haven’t deemed as necessary to send an apology to citizens of Montenegro for insults regarding their national and religious feelings, contained in some entries of that Dictionary.

               Unfortunately, instead of public apology, we have heard disrespect of grounded and publicly stated remarks, and numerous defamations against those who reasonably and with arguments are criticising Your lexicographical venture.  Absence of sensibility from both - the Council of the Dictionary and from the President of CANU to accept the fact that you roughly insulted religious, national and civilizational feelings of a significant number of citizens, show that, all of this cannot be the product of mere chance or scientific carelessness.

               But, however, respecting the fact that institution should be above the individuals, and that positions of the President of CANU do not reflect positions of this prestigious institution, as well as the undoubted competence of a significant number of scientists, members of this Council, we express willingness for every kind of dialogue, scientific and social.

However, a condition needed for the beginning of a true dialogue is Your public apology to the citizens whose feelings You have hurt, and withdrawal of the Dictionary from public.

               After this, I am convinced, we can open public, expert and scientific debate on all disputable details, for the purpose of their removal, as well as further work on this, for certain, very significant scientific project.


Suljo Mustafić”