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Friday, 15. July 2016. 15:52

Meeting Mr Mustafić - Mr Andriukaitis

Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Suljo Mustafić today has met with European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Mr Vytenis Andriukaitis

Vice President Mustafić said that Montenegro was dedicated to meeting important strategic goals relating to further integration towards the European Union and the NATO Alliance. He pointed out that European integration represented a long-term process which also meant the overall maturing of Montenegrin society.

- Strengthening of the rule of law, support to institutions, implementation of the adopted laws and combating corruption and crime must stay in the focus of socio-political developments in Montenegro, said Mr Mustafić.  

Commissioner Andriukaitis expressed satisfaction with high level of support of citizens towards the EU integration emphasising that the European agenda should remain a priority in the work of the Parliament. He said that the EU remained open for the enlargement process through full support to the countries in the region in that process.

Mr Andriukaitis welcomed signing of the agreement on fair and free elections and forming of the Government of Electoral Trust by which, as he said, Montenegro had demonstrated that it had the strength to overcome political difficulties. 

Vice President Mustafić pointed out that he was expecting the October elections to be fair and free as defined by the agreement signed by political entities participating in the Government of Electoral Trust. He emphasised that all political parties in the Parliament, regardless of whether they had signed the agreement or not, as elected representatives of the people had a responsibility of preserving democratic standards and European values.

- The Parliament will work intensively until the end of this convocation with the endeavour to consider all laws envisaged by the agenda, and especially those relating to harmonisation with the European acquis, said Mr Mustafić.

Commissioner Andriukaitis was especially interested in legislative activities with regard to Chapter 12 - Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy, which was opened on 30 June of this year, and which is of great significance for food safety, health of the citizens, and access of our products to the European market.

- Fulfilling obligations in this chapter will guarantee the honouring of standards of quality and safety of food which are essential for health of the citizens. It is important in this field to constantly strengthen human resources and motivate them in further fulfilling the obligations from the European agenda, emphasised Mr Andriukaitis.

It was agreed that it was necessary to improve legislative regulation from Chapter 28 - Consumer and health protection, relating to the field of infectious diseases, tobacco products, and substances of human origin.