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Monday, 04. July 2016. 13:54

Mr Pajović - Mr Usupashvili: Montenegro’s accession to NATO confirmation of “open door” policy

Today in Tbilisi, President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović has met with Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Mr Davit Usupashvili.

President Pajović extended congratulatory message for organisation of the largest annual session of the OSCE PA, especially in this challenging period regarding the security of the entire Europe. Mr Pajović has especially thanked for invitations from Georgia regarding Montenegro’s accession to the Alliance, because in this process it is very significant that the aspirant countries mutually support each other and thus demonstrate that they can be credible partners.

The interlocutors pointed out that the invitation to Montenegro and the signing of the NATO Accession Protocol for Montenegro were strong messages of confirmation of the “open door” policy. At the meeting, they expressed hopes that the upcoming Warsaw Summit would send a positive political message to Georgia, due to their contribution to the Euro-Atlantic security and commitment to NATO.

- I congratulate President Pajović and Montenegro on being invited to join the NATO, that is a great success of Montenegro. Georgia wants a strong NATO, and with Montenegro’s accession our chances to achieve the same goal are increasing. Montenegro and Georgia have the same common priorities, EU and NATO integration, strengthening of democratic institutions, and the rule of law. It is my great pleasure that the good cooperation between the two parliaments is continued, with expectations that we will continue it even after the elections, points out Mr Usupashvili.

Address by President Pajović at the press conference:

“I believe that Montenegro’s NATO accession will also be a strong message to other countries in the Balkans and beyond, that the NATO’s door remain open for everyone. NATO and EU membership, I believe, for both our countries have no alternative.

That is the path that we have charted, and the path which neither the country of Montenegro nor Georgia will give up, because our place is in the West, our place is with the western values towards which we aspire. With all the obstacles that we have, both the country of Montenegro and you here in Georgia, we must send a strong message that there is no giving up. Of course, it is a very long and difficult process, it is a process of establishing standards which maybe our two countries did not have in the past. But that which is the desire, the will, and the strength, I believe of all citizens of Montenegro and the people of Georgia, is the steadfastness to reach the final goal.

We deeply appreciate your strong messages, during the period of receiving invitation to join NATO. We are completely aware that it is really important that we respect, appreciate, and support each other as aspirants. That is something that the country of Montenegro will most definitely never forget, and I believe that we will be able to return both the hospitality and the support that we have received from you these days, on your path towards NATO and European integration.”