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Monday, 04. July 2016. 14:06

President of the Parliament meets with President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Tbilisi

Mr Pajović: The Parliaments works effectively and responsibly

Today in Tbilisi, Georgia, President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović has met with President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Mr Ilkka Kanerva, where he is participating in the 25th Session of this organisation.

President Pajović informed his interlocutor on the current political situation in the country, with special emphasis on the recently formed Government of Electoral Trust, pointing out that Montenegro had demonstrated its democratic maturity for resolving its political challenges at the table.

Informing him on intensive work of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Pajović pointed out that he found a large number of legal acts when he assumed office of the President of the Parliament, many of which relating to our European obligations.  President Pajović stressed that - today the Parliament works effectively and honours all the assumed obligations responsibly.

The interlocutors also discussed the set of laws in the parliamentary procedure, which would contribute to organising fair and free elections, as well as on forming and competencies of the two parliamentary committees: Committee on monitoring the application of laws and other regulations important for building trust in the election process, and Committee on monitoring the investigation of cases of endangering security of journalists and media outlets.

President Pajović will speak tomorrow at the opening of the Plenary Sitting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

The meeting between presidents Pajović and Kanerva was also attended by the OSCE PA Secretary General Mr Roberto Montella.