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Tuesday, 12. July 2016. 13:50

President Darko Pajović presents 13th July Awards for 2016

The awards were won by - Mr Miladin Šobić, Mr Miorad Popović and Mr Igor Đurović. Mr Veljko Bulajić is a winner of the lifetime achievement award.

The jury, composed of President Mr Gojko Kastratović, and members Mr Ilija Vujošević, Mr Igor Lakić, Mr Miomir Vojinović and Mr Asim Dizdarević, previously rendered a decision that this year’s winners of the 13th July Awards would be Mr Miladin Šobić,  Mr Igor Đurović, and Mr Milorad Popović. The lifetime achievement award was won by Mr Veljko Bulajić.

Mr Đurović won the award for scientific contribution to designing the quasi-maximum likelihood (QML) estimate, author Mr Milorad Popović for his novel “A man without a face”, and songwriter Mr Miladin Šobić for his album “Šobić”. Mr Veljko Bulajić won the lifetime achievement award, as one of the most significant Yugoslav and Montenegrin directors and one of the last great active European directors.

Speech by President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović

“Dear laureates, esteemed winners of the 13th July Award,

with this award, the citizens of Montenegro honour you. With today’s act you have become an integral part of a large family of especially deserving citizens of Montenegro, who, with their works, have provided contribution that would remain eternally inscribed in collective memory of all citizens of Montenegro.

As winners of this award you deserve respect, but equally you are taking on a great responsibility. The responsibility, in your future work and further creation, to gift the citizens of Montenegro with great works, and to knit your lavish talent into science, culture, art, and all of the social fabric which makes our country better and more beautiful. As you know, all of us who feel Montenegro as our own, we like to say that it is a small country of great people.

In our history, it has not always been easy for us to admit when somebody is better than us. The connoisseurs of policy and history, and those who know our people, will say that to be great in Montenegro is certainly much more difficult than to prove yourself in a truly big environment. This is because any action in Montenegro cannot be hidden, but everything we say and do quickly and easily becomes public, and the public is here to judge. That judgement in your case was clear and unanimous, you have passed strict tests of the public, as well as clear criteria of the jury, and that judgement says that Mr Igor Đurović, Mr Milorad Popović, and Mr Miladin Šobić are winners of the greatest Montenegrin state award. Mr Veljko Bulajić in addition has won the lifetime achievement award, and that is truly and honestly, without a doubt, an achievement which will be remembered by generations of Montenegrins, and to be honest, not only Montenegrins but also people and citizens who lived and who live in the region of the former Yugoslavia.

 Yugoslavia is gone, but there are still great creators in Montenegro, and there always will be. We will be proud of you, and you be proud of the country which has instilled you with talent and creative quality. Montenegro made you, and you made it proud. Therefore, Montenegro will always be grateful to you.

Dear friends,

Once more, from the heart, I congratulate you on awards you have won today, I wish you happiness and success in your future work, and I am convinced that in the future, with your work, endeavour, and dedication, you will continue to make great works with which you will remain in the hearts and memories of the current and future generations.

Thank you.”