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Wednesday, 20. July 2016. 19:06

President Pajović pays a working visit to Old Royal Capital Cetinje

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović today paid a working visit to the Old Royal Capital Cetinje, during which he has met with Mayor Mr Aleksandar Bogdanović and President of the Local Assembly of the Old Royal Capital Mr Jovan Martinović.

During the meeting between President Pajović and Mayor Bogdanović, they discussed activities and cooperation of the Parliament of Montenegro and units of local self-government in the field of improvement of transparency and effectiveness of work of units of local self-government.

Mayor Bogdanović voiced his pleasure regarding the recent signing of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Parliament of Montenegro and the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro which would improve institutional dialogue between state and local authorities.

- I am especially encouraged by the fact that even in the first days after the signing of the Agreement we have started the activities to implement it, which in the end should contribute to a higher quality of satisfying the needs of citizens and the economy, emphasised the Mayor of the Old Royal Capital and President of the Administrative Board of the Union of Municipalities Mr Aleksandar Bogdanović.

President Pajović voiced his pleasure that the first working visit which should contribute to strengthening of cooperation between the legislative power and units of local self-government was implemented precisely in the Old Royal Capital, which is a symbol and foundation of Montenegrin statehood. During the meeting, President of the Parliament of Montenegro expressed absolute openness of greatest legislative body for cooperation with local self-governments, as well as readiness, in order to strengthen parliaments at the local level, to share with them all available human and technical resources available to the Parliament of Montenegro.   

- It is exceptionally important that the state parliament should achieve cooperation with local parliaments and make its institutional and professional capacities available to local parliaments. I believe that in that manner we have improved the already effective work of the local parliament here in Cetinje, as well as that it is a manner of work and cooperation where there should be no political nor partisan obstacles for that which is the goal of all of us.

On that occasion, on behalf of the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro where he is the President of the Administrative Board, Mayor Bogdanović informed his interlocutor on the current financial situation in the units of local self-government, and he pointed out the need for adoption of the set of laws dealing with the issue of strengthening the financial status of local self-governments.

- I believe that creation of adequate legal framework is a key for ensuring smooth operation and financial sustainability of local self-governments, which is essential for implementing the overall developmental processes on the local level. In that context, I believe that the adoption of the set of laws dealing with the issue of providing new sources of income for units of local self-government is essential for all Montenegrin municipalities. I consider the adoption of laws which have been in parliamentary procedure for years especially important, and whose proposed solutions would provide new income for municipalities, which would give a strong impulse to developmental component on the local level, emphasised Mr Bogdanović.

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović expressed readiness that representatives of the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro already be included through work of working bodies of the Parliament, for all legal solutions which are in their interest. Furthermore, he has shown understanding for expectations of local self-governments to provide additional sources of income through certain legal solutions, which would enable smooth operations and fulfilment of all obligations of municipalities towards the citizens and the economy. During the meeting, he especially emphasised the support to implementation of all developmental projects, which should result in benefits for citizens and the country of Montenegro.