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Friday, 22. July 2016. 17:57

President of the Parliament pays a visit to the Municipality of Bar

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović, with associates, today has paid a visit to Municipality of Bar, where he has met with President of the Municipality Mr Zoran Srzentić and President of the Local Assembly Mr Radomir Novaković.

President of the Municipality Mr Srzentić welcomed President Pajović, for whom this is the first working visit to the local administration of Bar, and he also informed him on the priority developmental directions of Bar and political situation within the local administration. 

- The goal of today’s visit is to establish a better cooperation and the use of capacities of the Parliament of Montenegro by local administrations. We jointly noted great potential of our town, both from the sea and from the lake side, and we have also received full support in our endeavours to valorise plans of the local administration. As for the political situation, the ruling coalition in Bar is operating in a stable manner, and in the upcoming period until the October elections we will make every effort so as to make our joint participation even stronger and more offensive. It is important that we have no differences with regard to the most significant state directions and guidelines, namely Euro-Atlantic integration, says Mr Srzentić.

President of the Parliament Mr Darko Pajović thanked his hosts on the pleasant reception and on the famous hospitality of Bar.

- For centuries back, Bar has been the window into the world and we must not forget that even the first international ties stemmed from here. The state Parliament will strongly help and support the work of the local parliaments. That is very significant for a better understanding of decisions and laws which we adopt in the Parliament of Montenegro, and which in the end relate to the life of citizens in local environments. The point of today’s visit is the implementation of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Parliament of Montenegro and the Union of Municipalities which, primarily, has the goal to provide local parliaments with capacities of the state Parliament and to provide information on difficulties in functioning of local assemblies. Today’s conversation made us aware of the fact of necessity of better communication among the state Parliament, local self-governments and local parliaments, says Mr Pajović.

President of the Local Assembly of Bar Mr Radomir Novaković voiced his pleasure over today’s visit and on behalf of the local parliament expressed his views regarding the work of the Local Assembly of Bar.

- At this moment we are sending the image that the Parliament of Montenegro is doing what it set out to do and that it is fulfilling all its plans and programmes. As for the parliament of Bar, we are expecting it to work more promptly, which has been its characteristic lately, and I may say freely that we have no obstacles in our work, points out Mr Novaković.