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Tuesday, 16. August 2016. 18:37

Energy resources must be owned by the state

In his conversation with the leadership of Pljevlja - President of the Municipality Mr Mirko Đačić, President of the Local Assembly Mr Tarik Gadžović and President of the Local Assembly Mr Ljubiša Ćurčić, President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović agreed more intensive cooperation in all fields related to improving citizens’ life, and falling under the jurisdiction of the Parliament of Montenegro 


- We have come to the municipality of Pljevlja, as we did in other municipalities of Montenegro, within the Agreement of the Parliament of Montenegro and Union of Municipalities.  This includes a number of adopted laws concerning local self-governments, primarily ratification of the Protocol between the Government of Montenegro and the Government of the Check Republic, regarding construction of the Block 2.

After today’s visit, I can tell that my positions on a number of issues are even more stable. The state has to remain a majority owner of the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro JSC. Also, it is very important that the state will construct the second part of the Thermal Power Plant, because I believe that energy resources are the spine not only of Montenegro but of every state, since that is the way in which state confirms it sovereignty. The other important fact is that -  as many as 47 MPs voted for this law on the occasion of voting on the Protocol. This means that we are widening the consensus of the forces in Montenegro who put aside daily politics, and devote their efforts to good state and good developmental projects.

Finally, construction of the Block 2 will resolve several-decade long ecological problems of this area - polluted air, contaminated water, heating system of Pljevlja town, decreasing emission of contaminating supstances, which will have a direct influence not only on the health of citizens of Pljevlja but will also provide an opportunity for the local self-government to be devoted to the use of enormous resources which this town has. Agriculture, livestock breeding, tourism will get their chances, because, so far, the production of electric power has been priority, the President of the Parliament of Montenegro said about his today’s visit to Pljevlja.

- The manner of resolving problems and agility of my hosts is encouraging for me, and I believe that much better days are coming for Pljevlja. We should resolve problems with more faith, regardless of the fact which part of Montenegro they are related to, because we all share them. Our today’s meeting is a step in that direction, and that is the new value of the new Montenegro, President Pajović concluded at the end of his conversation with head officials of Pljevlja in the Thermal Power Plant.