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Wednesday, 31. August 2016. 14:15

President Pajović speaks at the parliamentary meeting of Central and Eastern European countries

Warsaw, 31 August 2016

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović spoke at the parliamentary meeting of Central and Eastern European countries titled“Solidarity and Sovereignty”,on the topic“Revival of the European Union, regional cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe”:

- One of the greatest values of the Balkans and whole Europe is richness of diversity. Therefore, we have to upgrade solidarity of modern societies, which is our civilizational duty, on strong foundations of the principle “united in diversity”, which have been set during the establishment of the European Union. Enlargement policy is a strategic investment for peace and stability of Europe, as the best argument in favour of the vitality of the European Union.  Therefore, the enlargement policy being one of the priorities of the Slovak presidency is of great importance for both - the enlargement countries and the very idea of the EU enlargement.  

Montenegro is a reliable factor of stability in the region. We are devoted to keeping and improving good neighbourly relations, and Montenegro’s strategic goal is membership to the European Union. Regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations make up an essential part of the process of movement of Montenegro towards our European goal.  Through the regional cooperation, by applying the European cooperation practice, the countries practically express unity and compromise, which move the entire region towards the EU standards, Mr Darko Pajović concluded his presentation.