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Wednesday, 31. August 2016. 21:55

Mr Pajović has a series of bilateral meetings in Warsaw

Montenegro has showed political maturity

At the parliamentary meeting of Central and Eastern Europe titled “Solidarity and Sovereignty”, President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović had a series of bilateral meetings with his counterparts from the countries participating in this gathering.

After the meeting with Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Mr Ismail Kahraman, Mr Pajović met his counterparts from neighbouring countries - Macedonia Mr Trajko Veljanoski, Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr Mladen Bosić and Serbia Ms Maja Gojkovic. All interlocutors expressed satisfaction with the good neighbourly relations as well as the desire to strengthen cooperation in all fields. They focused on parliamentary cooperation, particularly on the exchange of experiences related to the process of European integration of these countries.  They also pointed out the importance of strengthening the economic cooperation, as an area the results of which are directly related to the standard of the citizens.  

Mr Pajović conveyed Montenegro's readiness to share knowledge and experience in the integration processes. According to Mr Pajović, Montenegro is a factor of peace and stability in the region, and state policy is directed to cooperation and respect for neighbours.  He repeated that we were friends to the neighbouring countries for all initiatives that would contribute to prosperity of the region.   

Mr Pajović also met his Ukrainian counterpart Mr Andriy Parubiy and Speaker of the Polish Senate Mr Stanisław Karczewski. Mr Pajović once again expressed gratitude to the Polish host for the unanimous decision of the Parliament of this country to ratify the Protocol on Montenegro’s accession to NATO.

All the participants showed interest in the functioning of the government of electoral trust, bearing in mind that this is a democratic step forward in this area.

“By establishing the government of electoral trust, Montenegro showed democratic maturity, as well as the ability to resolve its internal issues on its own, without intermediaries”, Mr Pajović said.