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Monday, 03. October 2016. 17:32

Pajović: USA is a reliable partner and friend of Montenegro

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović today received in Villa Gorica Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Mr Hoyt Brian Yee. The meeting was attended by United States Ambassador to Montenegro Ms Margaret Uyehara as well as Head of Political and Economic Section Ms Leslie Freriksen. 

The President of the Montenegrin Parliament expressed his gratitude to the United States of America for their engagement concerning the ratification of the NATO Accession Protocol for Montenegro. Mr Pajović pointed out that the USA were a reliable partner and friend of Montenegro, whose support was extremely important for political stability and overall development of the Montenegrin society.

Mr Pajović expressed confidence that forces in Montenegro striving to Montenegro’s membership in NATO constituted a vast majority.

- Support to NATO accession clearly speaks of a developed awareness of citizens that this is a way of preserving lasting peace and stability, as well as definitely ensuring the equal status of Montenegro among developed countries. Support to the integration processes tells that the majority of the citizens of our country are oriented towards the values of the Western civilization - the President of the Montenegrin Parliament said.

President Pajović also thanked for the USA support to the initiative for achieving political agreement between the government and the opposition as well as establishment of the Government of the Electoral Trust, by which Montenegro restored political stability necessary for the preparation of fair and free elections.  Participation of a large part of the opposition in the legislative and executive branches of power has influenced on decreasing of political tensions in Montenegro, what is particularly obvious during the pre-election campaign.


Video of the meeting from Villa Gorica