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Tuesday, 04. October 2016. 13:27

President Pajović in official visit to Romania

Montenegro is becoming an important element of consolidation of the Western Balkans

In the beginning of the official visit to Romania, during separate meetings of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović with President of the Romanian Senate Mr Călin Popescu Tăriceanu and Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Romanian Parliament Mr Florin Iordache, the great significance of ratification of the NATO Accession Protocol for Montenegro was pointed out.

President Pajović voiced gratitude for rapid ratification which is of great significance not only for Montenegro but also for the region. President of the Montenegrin Parliament pointed out that friendly countries were sending a message to our citizens that Montenegro belonged in the West, with democratic, developed states and there was no more turning to the past and to destructive policies.

President of the Parliament of Montenegro has also informed his interlocutors, who will also hold elections in their country by the end of the year, on the current political situation in the country, with special emphasis on the recently formed Government of Electoral Trust. With the agreement between the government and the opposition, Montenegro, as a young democracy, has provided political stability for preparation of fair and free elections, as well as uninterrupted continuation of the EU and NATO integration.

Upon the end of the meeting with President Pajović, President of the Romanian Senate Mr Călin Tăriceanu, among other things, said the following:

- I would like to emphasise that Romania today will make a significant step in the overall process of ratification of the NATO Accession Protocol for Montenegro. We would like to provide support to the increase of security and peace in the Western Balkans region and I believe that Montenegro will become an important element that will make that consolidation process even stronger. Joining NATO will help Montenegro a lot in its negotiation process with the EU, which will make the state more attractive to investors and strengthen its economic performance. Montenegro will become something that the majority wants, and that is to be a modern and west-oriented state.

- Romania is a great friendly country which continuously offers unconditional support to the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro. Official Bucharest understands the significance of the enlargement process for the Balkans, as well as the promotion of the open door policy. Romania’s integration and economic experience is precious to Montenegro. A more intensive cooperation between the parliaments of the two countries is a good path for sharing those experiences, said Mr Pajović after the end of the meetings with the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Romania.