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Friday, 14. October 2016. 12:14

Pajović: Elections will be more fair and democratic than the previous ones

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović today received delegation of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for monitoring parliamentary elections in Montenegro, led by Head of the observation mission Mr Azay Quliyev and special coordinator Ms Margareta Cederfelt.

The participants of the meeting talked about conditions for holding parliamentary elections on Sunday, 16 October.

The President of the Parliament informed the OSCE delegation on the results achieved by the Parliament and its new leadership when it comes to preparation of free and fair elections. The President of the Parliament emphasised the establishment and active work of the three committees, directly related to democratisation of election conditions, whose members and co-chairs were represented equally from the ranks of the government and the opposition.

In addition, in the 60 days period, 117 legislative acts were adopted, in accordance with overall procedure prescribed for their adoption.

The agreement between the government and the opposition has contributed that the upcoming elections be held in much more fair and democratic atmosphere than the previous election cycle. The Parliament of Montenegro has fulfilled all requests prescribed by this agreement, the President of the Montenegrin Parliament stressed.    

The OSCE delegation congratulated for this democratic step forward, and they also showed interest for different aspects of the upcoming elections in Montenegro.    

Mr Pajović thanked the OSCE mission for accepting the invitation to monitor elections, as well as for the continuous support and help to the state of Montenegro in improving that process.  
OSCE observation mission for monitoring the upcoming elections is composed of 33 MPs from 23 OSCE member states.