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Skupština Crne Gore
Monday, 03. March 2014. 11:40

28th meeting of the Administrative Committee held

The 2013 Performance Report and 2014 Work Plan of the Administrative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro adopted  

At its 28th meeting held today, the Administrative Committee unanimously adopted the 2013 Performance Report and 2014 Work Plan of the Committee. Performance report of the past year provides a detailed overview of activities and results of the Committeee; personnel, legislative and oversight activities of the Committee particularly stand out in the Report – which is primarily reflected in conducting a number of appointment procedures as well as submitting proposals for decisions (26)  for further procedure to the Parliament of Montenegro and adopting separate acts (62) on status issues of MPs and officials elected and appointed by the Parliament of Montenegro.
Furthermore, within its oversight function - in line with the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Montenegro and positive legislative regulations – the Committee gave consent on three acts on organisation and systematisation of working positions in the Service of the Parliament of Montenegro, Commission for Prevention of Conflict of Interests and Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information. The 2014 Work Plan was presented in the second part of the meeting, which has an orientational character and does not exclude the activities in the field of international activities. When it comes to the Complaint no. 00-63-14/14-9 from 17 February 2014 against the Decision of the Administrative Committee no 00-63-14/13-117/1 from 27 December 2013 submitted by former MP Zdenka Popović, the Committee decided that previously established Working Group would - in line with the Law Governing the Wages of the State and Public Officials -  reconsider the Decision by which the demand of Ms Zdenka Popović to exercise the rigth to compensation following the termination of her term of office was declined. The Working Group is composed of members of the Committee: Mr Branka Bošnjak, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee and Chair of the Working Group, Mr Radovan Obradović, Mr Aleksandar Damjanović and Ms Azra Jasavić. Mr Aleksandar Damjanović will perform a duty of Chair of the Working Group instead of Ms Branka Bošnjak. The Committee decided to reach an adequate decision after the Working Group drafts a report.

Within the item “current issues”, Rulebook on the Internal Organisation and Systematisation of the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information was presented to the Committee and the Committee was also informed on postponing the regional conference on the topic:  “Ensuring the financial autonomy of parliaments with a view to adequately fulfilment of the rights and obligations of members of parliaments”, which should have been held in Sarajevo, on 25 and 26 February 2014.