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Skupština Crne Gore
Monday, 17. December 2012. 12:56

Second Meeting of the Administrative Committee held

The Committee established a list of candidates for chairmen and members of certain number of permanent committees of the Parliament .

The Committee established the Proposal of a Decision on dismissal and election of three members of Administrative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro. The Committee proposed following members to be dismissed. Mr. Obrad Mišo Stanišić and Mr. Luiđ Ljubo Škrelja – upon the proposal of the Club of Democratic Party of Socialists, and Mr.  Srđan Milić – upon the proposal of the Club of the Socialists People’s Party. In addition, election of Mr. Radovan Obradović, Mr. Saša Pešić and Mr. Aleksandar Damjanović, MA.

Members of the Committee from the position were abstain regarding voting for candidates for the Chairman of the Committee on European Integration, Mr. Darko Pajović candidate from Positive Montenegro and Mr. Slaven Radunović Candidate from Democratic Front, so the Committee decided to postpone discussion of the proposal of the candidates for chairmen and members of the permanent committees whose chairmen should be from opposition, as well as establishment of the Proposal decision on election of the Chairman and members of the Commission for Monitoring and Control of the Privatization Process.

Taking into account that proposed candidates for the chairman and members of the Gender Equality Committee were only women, upon the proposal of Ms. Branka Bošnjak, docent PhD and Ms. Azra Jasavić, members of the Committee, discussion on the proposal for election of chairwoman and members of the Gender Equality Committee was also postponed.

The Committee established the List of Candidates on election of the Chairman and members of the following permanent committees of the 25th Convocation of the Parliament of Montenegro:  Constitutional Committee (one member seat of the Committee is vacant), Legislative Committee, Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration, Committee on International Relations and Emigrants, Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms, Committee on Tourism, Agriculture, Ecology and Spatial Planning  (one member seat of the Committee is vacant), Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sport and Committee on Health, Labour and Social Welfare.

The Committee adopted the Decision on establishing the amount, manner and procedure of commercial consumption of funds allocated to the MPs clubs for appointment of secretaries and professional consultants of the Clubs, upon the proposal of the Working Group.

Upon the proposal of the Vice- President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Branko Radulović, professor PhD, the Committee appointed Mr. Đorđije Malović, graduated lawyer and Ms. Tijana Samardžić, graduated art historian as advisors to the Vice-President of the Parliament.

Under the Item of Agenda “Current Issues”, the Committee was informed on following acts:

• Notification of Mr. Darko Pajović, MP of the Positive Montenegro, No. 00-63-14/12-17 from 27th November, 2012;

• Information on Decisions of the Administrative Committee adopted between the first and the second meeting of the Committee;

• Request for information access, No. 00-63-14/12-7 from 22nd November 2012, submitted by the NGO Institute Alternative.

Within this Item of the Agenda the Committee decided to invite MPs clubs of the 25th Convocation of the Parliament of Montenegro, to submit proposals of the candidates for appointment of the chairman, secretaries and nine members of the State Electoral Commission, until 26th December, 2012. In this regard, the Committee decided that the Working Group, formed at the previous meeting, would establish the proposal decision by which it will propose to the Committee the normative solution for the President and Secretary of the State Electoral Commission regarding the right to compensation upon the termination of office.

The Committee unanimously approved the Proposal of the Rule of Procedures on amendments to the Rule of Procedures on organization and systematization of the Parliament Service, No. 00-32-5/12-197 from 10th December, 2012, which was submitted by Mr.  Damir Davidović MA, Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro.