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Skupština Crne Gore
Wednesday, 03. December 2014. 19:41

Chairperson of the Commission for Monitoring and Control of the Privatisation Procedure holds a meeting with representatives of workers and minority shareholders of a trading company “PKB Herceg Novi” JSC Zelenika

Chairperson of the Commission Mr Janko Vučinić spoke today with Mr Aleksandar Milović, President of the Trade Union of the TC “PKB Herceg Novi” JSC Zelenika and authorised representative of minority shareholders, Mr Radivoje Popović, employee and shareholder and Mr Mirko Bulajić, employee and authorised representative of minority shareholders.

The occasion of the meeting was a request by the Trade Union of the TC “PKB Herceg Novi” JSC Zelenika, who asked, due to introduction of bankruptcy in the company, privatised in 2004, the control of privatisation procedure to be included in the work of Commission as soon as possible.

At the meeting, representatives of workers and minority shareholders stated that Trade Union or minority shareholders did not have access to documents related to privatisation, thus they were not able to monitor thereof. They emphasised that before privatisation, around 300 workers was employed, compared to 42 workers employed at the moment, and that company’s assets were not on mortgage then, while today, most of its assets are burdened by mortgage.

Chairperson of the Committee Mr Janko Vučinić said that he would inform members of the Commission on the meeting held, afterwards he would propose the meeting to be scheduled as soon as possible, in order the privatisation procedure of that company to be discussed.