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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 11. April 2014. 17:50

The Security and Defence Committee held its 21st meeting

At the meeting held today, the Committee held the control hearing of the Supreme State Prosecutor, the Minister of the Interior and the Director of the National Security Agency, regarding frequent attacks on journalists

The following conclusions were adopted unanimously after the discussion:

1. The Committee noted that the competent state authorities, in specific cases (journalist Nikčević, the attack on the newspaper "Vijesti", on 26 December 2013), have intensified activities with results in detection of crimes, identifying of executors, orderers, and their procession.

2. The Committee noted the need to continue full co-operation of the competent state authorities in order to provide the highest level of efficiency, detection and prosecution of perpetrators of crimes and the orderers, the ones who ordered the attacks on journalists and their assets.

3. The Committee noted that in certain cases the work of the intelligence and police services in uncovering and prosecuting the perpetrators and orderers was in progress, and that in cooperation with the State Prosecutor's Office the actions have been taken in their procession.

4. Recognizing the importance of the raised issue and negative effects of the attack on the media for the democratic development of Montenegro, the Committee has noted the need to ensure full professional security of media employees, as well as their assets by the competent state authorities, pursuant to the competencies established by the Law.

5. The Committee has insisted on the continuation of the measures and activities of public authorities to shed light on the murder of Duško Jovanović, with special emphasis on the efficiency of actions taken, which would be the subject of the special meeting of the Committee.

6. The Committee has confirmed full readiness to continue monitoring the effectiveness and legality of work of public authorities with the aim of highlighting, prosecuting of perpetrators and orderers of all attacks on journalists and media assets.