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Skupština Crne Gore
Thursday, 12. June 2014. 14:38

Seminar for MPs on the national security policy ended today In Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Members of the Security and Defence Committee Obrad Mišo Stanišić, Radivoje Nikčević and Snežana Jonica participated in the work 

Members of the Security and Defence Committee participated in the Seminar for MPs on the national security policy, held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen from 10 to 12 June 2014, which was organized by the George C. Marshall Centre. 

During the seminar, MPs talked with eminent lecturers and experts in the field of security and defence about current subject-matters in this field, both on the regional and international levels.   

The gathering was opened by retired Lieutenant General Keith Dayton, director of the George C. Marshall Centre, and discussion at the sessions was about international securitychallenges, international organized crime, fight against corruption, cyber and energy security, parliamentary oversight, planning and allocation of funds for the defence sector, economic security, terrorism and extremist activities, as well as key priorities of NATO with regard to the situation in Ukraine, Afghanistan, strengthening the transatlantic connections and NATO's open door policy. In addition to the mentioned, special attention was paid to the process of European integration and the exchange of experiences between representatives of the participating countries in this field.

In addition to representatives of the Parliament of Montenegro, the work of the gathering was attended by representatives of parliaments of Albania, Croatia and Serbia.