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Skupština Crne Gore
Monday, 23. March 2015. 11:58

Defence and Security Committee holds its 37th meeting

A control hearing in the context of the Progress Report on Montenegro with regard to implementation of Membership Action Plan (2013-2014)

In the presence of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of European Integration Mr Igor Lukšić and NATO Director General for Security Policy Mr Vesko Garčević, the Committee was informed on activities taken by Montenegro with regard to implementation of the Membership Action Plan (2013-2014), with a special reference to assessment of the manner in which Montenegro implemented the Fourth National Programme.

On the basis of conducted discussion, the Committee assessed as positive the fact the European integration has remained, in the observed period, the strategic priority of Montenegro’s foreign policy, particularly having in mind the importance of continuation of strengthening the normative legal framework in line with European standards as well as importance of continuously providing  contributions to citizens’ security, the need for permanent preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity and additional incentive to economic development of Montenegro.   

The Committee points out the importance of continuation of activities of all subjects in Montenegro regarding the harmonisation of legislation with international standards and European Union acquis and its full implementation, and expects the continuous effort of all relevant subjects in Montenegro aimed at coordinated activities and implementation of full principle of the rule of law.  

In view of the said, the Committee voiced a positive attitude with regard to the fact that competent institutions continued the proactive relation towards integration and implementation of dialogue with NATO at the highest levels, with the respect of previously stated recommendations and suggestions, and noted that Montenegro achieved results in the said context.

Having in mind that ministers of foreign affairs of the Alliance reached a decision in June 2014 on initiating intensive and focused talks with Montenegro in the context of recognising results on its path of acquiring the full-fledged membership to the NATO, and noting that Montenegro had made a significant progress in implementing reforms, the Committee assessed that it was necessary to intensify furtherly the open, direct and argumentative communication with citizens based on facts and actual advantages of the NATO membership, both for individual and whole society as well, which should result in constant increase of a number of supporters.

During the meeting, the participants spoke on necessity for continuing the trend of structural and administrative reforms of judiciary and police system, as well as building capacities, with the aim of efficient fight against organised crime and corruption.

In the part of dialogue on defence issues and Military, the Committee praised the continuation of a positive trend regarding the implementation of partnering aims.