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Skupština Crne Gore
Monday, 19. October 2015. 08:00

Security and Defence Committee holds its 46th meeting

Security and Defence Committee adopts the following conclusions on the 46th meeting:

1. After consideration of the current security situation in relation to several days of protests in Podgorica, and conducted on the basis of parliamentary scrutiny and informing with the measures and actions taken in this regard, the Committee expressed full support to all relevant state authorities in the implementation of competences established by law, in order to protect democratic values of Montenegro, integrity, liberty and property of every citizen, guaranteed by the Constitution.

2. The Committee required reconsideration from the side of the subjects of parliamentary scrutiny, following the procedure established by regulations, legality of certain measures undertaken and actions of individuals, in order to determine possible exceeding or abuse of power and sanction the perpetrators.

3. The Committee expects the Public Prosecution Office to provide an institutional response, and the legal assessment of events, in the shortest possible time, that resulted in multiple injured police officers, journalists, citizens, damage to material goods and other forms of damage, in order to protect the constitutional order and the rule of law.

4. The Committee calls on all political actors to intensify dialogue within the relevant institutions, regarding open political issues, with a view to reducing tension and maintaining peace and stability in Montenegro.