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Skupština Crne Gore
Wednesday, 21. October 2015. 16:28

Security and Defence Committee holds its 47th meeting

Information regarding the current security situation in Montenegro considered

Security and Defence Committee, in the context of implementation of the conclusions from 46th meeting held on 18/19 October 2015, in the presence of the Minister of Interior, Director of the Police Administration, Minister of Justice, Director of the National Security Agency and representative of the Public Prosecution Office, considered at the 47th meeting, held on 20 and 21 October 2015, the information on measures and actions undertaken by the competent institutions regarding the existing security situation in Montenegro.

With regard to that, the Committee adopted by a majority of votes the following conclusions:

1. The Committee states that the security situation in Montenegro is stable, regardless of the events from the protests held on 17 and 18 October in the organisation of the Democratic Front.

2. The Committee points out that the rule of law is a foundation of every democratic state, thus everybody is called to respect this principle and direct their actions to meeting this goal. Therefore, the Committee calls upon and gives full support to all competent institutions to provide, in line with their constitutional and legislative competences,  the consistent implementation of the law and preservation of constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms of citizens.

3. On the basis of available information, the Committee assesses that actions of law enforcements institutions have essentially been at the level and within the framework of their powers. Having in mind that there is a certain number of objections and dilemmas relating to the exceeding of the official power, the Committee calls upon the relevant state institutions and the relevant authorities to promptly investigate the merits thereof and inform the public about that.

4. The Committee points out to the need for greater attention and sensibility in providing conditions for the work of journalists and media outlets as well as their full freedom of reporting.  Additionally, the Committee calls upon all media to respect the principle of objectivity and full professionalism in reporting.

5. The Committee calls upon organisers and participants of the announced gathering, on the occasion of organising and holding of gatherings, to respect the law, not threaten the rights and freedoms of other citizens, ensure free and democratic expression of opinion and refrain from messages that encourage citizens’ agitation.