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Skupština Crne Gore
Sunday, 25. October 2015. 17:43

Security and Defence Committee holds its 48th meeting

Information regarding the current security situation on the occasion of events that took place on protests held on 24 October 2015 considered


Security and Defence Committee, in the presence of the Minister of Interior and the Director of the Police Administration, considered the current security situation on the occasion of events that took place on protests held on 24 October 2015.

In this regard, the Committee adopted, by majority of votes, the following conclusions:

1. The Committee condemns violent behavior on the protests held on 24 October 2015, which were aimed at non-institutional activity, intrusion into state institutions, attack on the police and and endangerment of property and lives of people.

2. The Committee notes that the security situation in Montenegro is stable regardless of the violence that took place and that state institutions have demonstrated that they are ready to professionally respond to all challenges.

3. The Committee pays tribute to representatives of the Ministry of Interior and the Police Administration, who in a professional and courageous way preserved vital state interests, state institutions, security, public peace and order.

4. The Committee expects that the competent state institutions, primarily the Public Prosecution Office, in the framework of its competencies established by the Constitution and the law, establish all legally relevant facts and without delay prosecute all persons who are reasonably believed to have committed criminal offenses, which are prosecuted ex officio.

5. Considering that there are a number of individual objections regarding exceeding and abuse of power, the Committee calls on the competent state authorities and relevant bodies to promptly examine validity of their grounds and inform the Committee.

6. The Committee calls on all political actors and citizens to contribute to easing of tensions and passions, with the aim of affirming the tradition in Montenegro, in a civilized and democratic way, and gave their full support to the continuation of political dialogue in the Parliament, with the aim of preserving peace and stability, so Montenegro could continue exercising its set foreign policy objectives.

7. The Committee calls on all media to respect the principles of objectivity and full professionalism in reporting.