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Skupština Crne Gore
Wednesday, 15. July 2015. 14:22

108th meeting of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget ends

The 2014 Status Report on the Energy Sector of Montenegro supported

The Committee considered and supported the Annual Report of the Energy Regulatory Agency on the state in the Energy Sector of Montenegro in 2014. The Committee noted that chapters relating to the following have been presented in a quality manner: main characteristics of all energy resources of Montenegro, results of analyses and controls over the work of energy subjects, investments in energy sector with regard to plans approved by the Agency, financial operations of energy subjects, state and activities in the market of electrical energy, key normative activities of regulators, international activities in the field of energy as well as reform of electrical energy prices for for distribution consumers, in the period 2008-2014. The Committee stressed the need for urgent adoption of the new Energy Law, which would be completely harmonised with the EU third energy package,  pointing out that legal separation of the Distribution Company from Elektorprivreda (Electric Power Plant of Montenegro) was one of the key prerequisites for development of  the retail electrify market in Montenegro

Following the brief discussion, amendment by MPs Mr Mladen Bojanić and Mr Aleksandar Damjanović to the Proposal for the Bankruptcy Law was not supported by the necessary majority of the Committee.