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Skupština Crne Gore
Wednesday, 17. February 2016. 16:20

Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget takes part in the Interparliamentary Conference in Brussels

In the framework of the Dutch Presidency of the European Union, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget Mr Damir Šehović attended the Interparliamentary Conference titled “Stability, Economic Coordination and Governance in the EU”, held in the European Parliament in Brussels today.

The conference comprised three sessions

The first session of the conference was focused on the exchange of best practices and experiences of the member states, relating to measures for improving economic growth, convergence and competition. The participants discussed the possible improvements which would enhance parliamentary oversight in the field of economic convergence as well as challenges that the EU member states faced in terms of the increase of expenditures of health care and expenses for pensions.

The second session discussed mechanisms and procedures applied in the EU member states, which should ensure budgetary coordination. In addition, participants discussed the role of Financial Council – i.e. the possibility of establishing financial stability in Eurozone as well as transparency of establishing fiscal rules.

The third session, through intellectual discussion, covered the topic of various investments which would improve economic growth, employment and competition. They also discussed promotional activities of the states, as well as initiatives to stimulate investments.

Aside from representatives of the Parliament of Montenegro, the conference was attended by delegations of: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Hungary, Germany, Polish, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Great Britain.