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Skupština Crne Gore
Thursday, 14. April 2016. 10:34

Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget holds its 137th meeting

The Committee considered four items of the agenda

At today’s 137th meeting, the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget supported the Initiative for holding a control hearing of Mr Pavle Goranović - Minister of Culture and Mr Žarko Mirković - Director of the PI Musical Centre of Montenegro with regard to the negative opinion on the financial audit and conditional opinion on auditing the regularity of the 2014 Financial Report of the PI Musical Centre of Montenegro by the State Audit Institution, submitted by MP Mr Aleksandar Damjanović. Date for holding the control hearing will be determined subsequently.

Also, in line with Article 16 paragraph 2 of the Law on Concessions, the Committee inspected the 2015 Performance Report of the Commission for Concessions of Montenegro with the Register of agreements on concessions. With regard to consideration of this item of the agenda and in line with Article 67 of the Rules of Procedure, the meeting was attended by President of the Commission for Concessions, representatives of the Forest Administration, Directorate for Water and Games of Chance Administration, who, in the part of their responsibilities, provided opinions in the field of concession.

In line with Article 24, paragraph 1 of the Law on Research and Production of Hydrocarbon, the Committee considered and decided to propose to the Parliament the Proposal for a Decision on awarding the Hydrocarbons
Production Concession Contract in Montenegro undersea along with the Proposal for the Hydrocarbons Production Concession Contract in Montenegro undersea, the Proposal for the Joint Operating Agreement and the Proposal for the Accounting Services Contract.