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Wednesday, 15. April 2015. 13:08

Members of Committee on European Integration meet with Parliamentary Delegation of Portugal

The role of the Committee in the negotiation process was highlighted, with emphasis on current issues in the integration process of Montenegro 

The meeting of members of the Committee on European Integration of the Parliament of Montenegro with members of the Committee on European Affairs of the Parliament of Portugal was marked by the discussion on negotiation dynamics of Montenegro’s accession to the EU, which was estimated as satisfactory, and relying on opening of eighteen chapters, which took Montenegro halfway on its path towards the EU membership.

In that respect, Deputy Chairperson Ms Marija Maja Ćatović pointed out that there was an overall dedication to the accession process as an important prerequisite for continuation of reforms, and that the synergy of legislative and executive powers, civil sector and the citizens in this process represented a key reason behind Montenegro’s progress.

Chairperson of the Committee on European Affairs of the Parliament of Portugal Mr Paulo Mota Pinto said that Portugal remained an advocate of further enlargement of the European Union, and emphasised that the complexity of reforms and adjustment to the European standards followed every candidate country on its path towards membership, but that it indicated the necessity of the country’s readiness to function within the Union. Referring to the European Parliament’s Resolution on Progress Report of Montenegro from March, the interest was expressed regarding the concrete steps that Montenegro had made in order to promote the rule of law, combat corruption and organised crime, and resolve the issue of judiciary independence.

The hosts referred to adoption of the set of laws from the field of judiciary, and also the laws in procedure relating to enhancement of the election process through the trust of the citizens, which, as such, represented the basis for resolving all the issues in the said areas.

The participants in the meeting agreed that the adoption of laws was important, but that their implementation was more important, and that the protection of citizens’ interests remained in the focus, because the success of implemented reforms was measured through their perception. They also pointed out the possibility of mutual cooperation and the support of Portugal for Montenegro’s path towards the EU.

In addition the Chairperson of the Committee on European Affairs, the Parliamentary Delegation of Portugal consisted of Mr Vitalino Canas, Deputy Chairperson, as well as members: Ms Ana Catarina Mendes, Mr Carlos São Martinho, Mr Duarte Marques and Mr Raúl de Almeida.

On behalf of the Committee on European Integration, in addition to Deputy Chairperson Ćatović, the meeting was attended by Committee members Mr Genci Nimanbegu and Mr Šefkija Murić, while MPs Mr Goran Tuponja and Mr Emilo Labudović participated in the meeting as substitute members.