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Wednesday, 11. November 2015. 14:10

Committee on European Integration holds its 41st meeting

2015 Annual Progress Report on Montenegro presented 


At the meeting of the Committee on European Integration that was held today, 2015 Annual Progress Report on Montenegro was presented.

The Report was presented by Mr Dirk Lange, Head of Unit for Montenegro at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations and Mr Mitja Drobnič, Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro.

Mr Drobnič informed the Committee members with key aspects of the Report, pointing out that this year it no longer carried the title of the Progress Report, but the Report on Montenegro. He added that the European Commission has adopted a new reporting methodology, which determines the level of preparedness and progress for each of the established criteria and provides clearer guidance to countries for their further progress in addressing key challenges in the accession process. Montenegro has been praised as an example of a country that provides a significant contribution to regional cooperation and good neighborly relations. Also, it was noted that Montenegro was moderately prepared in the area of justice and public administration reform, and that some progress had been achieved in the fight against organized crime and corruption.

Mr Lange said that this year's Report was a good indicator of the current situation in terms of fulfilling the political and economic criteria, as well as criteria of accepting membership responsibilities in the European Union. He also said that 2014 was the year of legislation,  2015 the year of institutions, while 2016 should be the year of results. Mr Lange and Mr Drobnič stressed that the Report could serve as a basis for stronger oversight activities of the Parliament over the activities of the Government in implementing its obligations towards the EU.

Members of the Committee and their interlocutors agreed with the views expressed in the 2015 Report and pointed out that it was necessary that all political parties engage in a constructive dialogue in the Parliament, as a forum for political debate.