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Friday, 04. March 2016. 16:16

Meeting of members of the Committee on European Integration with Delegation of the European Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly held

French parliamentarians stressed that they would provide full support to Montenegro on its path towards the European Union membership

Members of the Committee on European Integration have met the Delegation of the European Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly, which is paying a study visit to Montenegro, from 3 to 5 March 2016, at working lunch today.

In her introductory remarks, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee Ms Marija Maja Ćatović presented responsibilities and previous work of the Committee, particularly emphasising its active role in the process of adopting negotiation positions, as well as activities directed towards bringing the European integration closer to the citizens of Montenegro.

Chairperson of the French European Affairs Committee Ms Danielle Auroi and other MPs were interested in Montenegro’s progress regarding the implementation of obligations from chapters 23 and 24, reforms in the education system, monetary policy and use of euro as well as for the progress in the field of environment protection and energy efficiency. They spoke on perception of the European integration by citizens, i.e. their expectations when it comes to benefits from the membership of a state in the European Union.

Members of the Committee said that the most important thing in the European integration process was the quality of reforms, and that the citizen in the process of negotiations with the EU saw the possibility for Montenegro to be a part of democratic and economically developed states. They emphasised that corruption, organised crime and protection of the environment represented the greatest reform challenges at the moment, and that the main help in that process came from the EU through various funds, which directly contributed to the implementation of the highest standards.

The French parliamentarians emphasised that the negotiation process of Montenegro with the European Union gave a new freshness to the idea of European unity, and expressed full support to its further efforts towards the EU membership.

Aside from Chairperson Ms Auroi, the French parliamentary Delegation was composed of: Mr Christophe Careche, Chairperson of the European Affairs Committee, and members Mr Yves Fromion, Mr Didier Quentin, Mr Michel Piron and Mr Jean-Luc Bleunven.

Deputy Chairperson of the Committee Ms Marija Maja Ćatović and members of the Committee Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić, Mr Danko Šarančić and Mr Genci Nimanbegu attended the working lunch on behalf of the Committee on European Integration as well as MP Darko Pajović.