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Friday, 08. April 2016. 15:46

Members of the Committee on European Integration meet a delegation from the German Bundestag

The interlocutors stressed the importance of accepting European values

Members of the Committee on European Integration today talked with representatives of the Parliamentary Group for Cooperation with South East Europe from the German Bundestag.

The meeting was marked by a debate on the previous course of negotiations between Montenegro and European Union, and key obligations to be fulfilled on the path towards EU membership.

Chair of the Parliamentary Group Mr Peter Weiß praised the previous progress of Montenegro in fulfilling opening benchmarks and implementing the said reforms, which resulted in opening 22 chapters. With regard to that, he was interested in relation of the Parliament and the Government in the negotiation process, and a control role performed by the Committee through consideration of draft negotiation positions. According to him, accession to the Union, implied not only negotiation process but also acceptance of the European cultural model by the citizens.

Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on European Integration Ms Marija Maja Ćatović informed guests about key activities of the Committee, stressing the importance of its control role, achieved primarily through consideration of the draft negotiation positions, and outlined good cooperation of the Committee with negotiation team, stating that the overall negotiation process was based on the synergy of the Parliament, Government and civil sector. Ms Ćatović added that, with the aim of improving transparency of the process, the Committee had organised public debates with grammar school students, as well as meetings with local self-governments, which represented a special opportunity for bringing the process closer to citizens, and spreading European values.

The interlocutors agreed that the European integration was not only technical process, but that European idea, aside from achieving administrative results, implied respect and adoption of key values of the EU.

Delegation of the German Bundestag comprised Mr Peter Weiß, Chair of the Parliamentary Group, and members Mr Andreas G. Lämme and Mr Dirk Vöpel.

In addition to the Deputy Chairperson, Ms Nada Drobnjak and Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić participated in the meeting on behalf of the Committee on European Integration.