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Thursday, 28. April 2016. 19:12

Congratulatory message on May 1st - International Workers' Day

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ranko Krivokapić extended a congratulatory message to all citizens of Montenegro, all who work and create outside of their state, Montenegrin trade unions and members of trade unions, on the occasion of May 1st - International Workers' Day   

“Esteemed workers,

Members of trade unions,

Our ancestors knew how difficult it was to create from the rough stone, and they were aware that only by unity and togetherness it was possible to build a state. We owe everything to generations of the working class before us, who raised Montenegro from ashes after the Second World War. Therefore, we must all unite, in order to create policies which will bring a decent job and justice to every citizen.

Developed democratic societies, that we strive to, base their stability on economic sustainability, and people who live from their honest work are their key force. The state leans against the back of its workers, thus it has to serve to them to live better and safer.

Let May 1st - Labour Day be an invitation for unity and creating a state of legal security for workers, prosperous for our youth and the state that will enable a dignified retirement for those who created and worked.

Future of Montenegro is in in honest work and knowledge - dignity and security.

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro and my own behalf, I congratulate you May 1st.”

Ranko Krivokapić