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Skupština Crne Gore
Tuesday, 15. March 2016. 15:25

Committee on International Relations and Emigrants holds its 73rd meeting

2015 Performance Report of the Committee and 2016 Work Plan of the Committee adopted

Committee on International Relations and Emigrants held the 73rd meeting, adopting unanimously the 2015 Performance Report of the Committee and 2016 Work Plan of the Committee.

The Performance Report comprises all activities of the Committee that marked 2015, as well as obligations fulfilled in the legislative and oversight role, both with regard to international parliamentary activities and cooperation with emigrants. Members of the Committee agreed that the Report was comprehensive, complete, precise and clear document, confirming high intensity of work of the relevant working body of the Parliament of Montenegro.

The Work Plan is based on the projections bearing in mind achieving priorities in the field of international cooperation, expectations in the legislative function, and obligation of the Committee with regard to providing opinion for candidates for ambassadors and other diplomatic missions of Montenegro abroad. The plan contains activities aimed at continuation of interparliamentary cooperation and cooperation with emigrants from Montenegro, as fundamental responsibilities of the Committee.

At the end of the discussion on the proposed documents, members of the Committee thanked to the Secretariat of the Committee on International Relations for the expert and technical support it provided in the implementation of activities during 2015 and voiced expectance that the cooperation would be equally successful in the current year.  

In addition, minutes from the previous Committee meetings were adopted.