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Skupština Crne Gore
Monday, 09. May 2016. 13:34

Montenegrin parliamentarians in Frankfurt

Upon the invitation of the Consulate General of Montenegro, attend the celebration of the 21st May, Independence Day of Montenegro

In addition, having in mind the importance of cooperation with emigrants, particularly their contribution to the renewal of Montenegro’s independence, the Consulate General of Montenegro in Frankfurt, Diaspora Administration and Association of Montenegrins “MonteHesse“ from Frankfurt jointly organised the round table on the topic “Improving cooperation between emigrants and their country of origin - Montenegro”, within the celebration of Independence Day of Montenegro, on 8 May 2016.

The round table was an opportunity for participants to discuss the current issues related to the status of emigrants and emigrant association in the Federal Republic of Germany, in the light of the Law on Cooperation of Montenegro with Diaspora

On the occasion, they expressed expectations that the Law and Council for Cooperation with Emigrants would set foundations of future good cooperation of the state of Montenegro and emigrants from Montenegro, both in the Federal Republic of Germany and in other countries where our emigrants live.

Addressing the participants of the round table, Vice President of the Parliament Mr Suljo Mustafić said that emigrants were the best bridge of cooperation of Montenegro and the Federal Republic of Germany, noting that Montenegrin emigrants gave an immeasurable contribution to the restoration of Montenegro’s independence, and in the years before that, they had been the best ambassadors of our state abroad.

Vice President Mustafić said that the structure of diaspora reflected social being of Montenegro - its multinational and multi-religious character.

Vice President Mustafić particularly stressed that the care of the state about emigrants must be constant and continuous with much more mutual contacts, through speedier resolving of problems that emigrants faced, adding that the Parliament of Montenegro, through the Law on Cooperation of Montenegro with Diaspora, provided a good cooperation framework and that now the Diaspora Administration and other state institutions should institutionalise that cooperation.

Addressing the participants of the round table, Chairperson of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants Mr Miodrag Vuković said that our emigrants carried a big potential which may help to our country in all fields, stressing that they participated in all positive processes, particularly when it comes to restoration of Montenegro’s independence.

MP Vuković said that the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants has recognised the importance of establishing, in line with its responsibilities, the cooperation with the Association of emigrants from Montenegro, with the aim of protecting its citizens abroad, developing and improving relation of emigrants with their country of origin. He added that the Committee would, through its legislative activity, provide help to emigrants for the purpose of maintaining and strengthening their national, cultural and language identity.

MP Vuković expressed the openness of the Parliament of Montenegro and Committee on International Relations and Emigrants for all initiatives, proposals and suggestions which would contribute to improving the position of emigrants.

At the end of the round table, they concluded that contacts of the state bodies of Montenegro and Federal Republic of Germany should be intensified, as well as contacts of associations of emigrants, with the aim of achieving the best possible position for functioning and implementing activities.