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Skupština Crne Gore
Monday, 17. February 2014. 13:18

Twenty-seventh meeting of the Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration held

At the meeting, the Committee considered and unanimously adopted its 2013 Performance Report. The Committee concluded that in the year 2013 they had had significantly more activities than in 2012.  

The Committee, also unanimously, adopted its 2014 Work Plan. They proposed to make timely agreements on consideration of certain significant issues, such as the Report on implementation of the capital projects from the field of culture in 2014, Programme of protection and preservation of cultural goods for 2015 with the Report on implementation of the 2014 Programme, the youth issues and other issues noted in the Work Plan of the Committee.

The Committee has initiated establishment of cooperation with the institutions from the field of culture and sports, for the purpose of having a better insight into the activities implemented in these fields.

The Committee initiated to have one meeting of the Cetinje Parliamentary Forum dedicated to the field of culture in 2014, or strengthening of its role in the promotion and valorisation of the cultural, natural and overall goods of Montenegro, preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage and strengthening of the regional cooperation in that field. They also pointed out the significance of the culture as the factor of sustainable development, through development of projects, which, by integrating various social subjects and their synergetic action, would lead to economic prosperity, and affirmation of Montenegro at the regional and international plan.