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Monday, 03. November 2014. 16:40

Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports holds its 42nd themed meeting

At its 42nd themed meeting held today, the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports considered the current situation at the University of Montenegro, with special emphasis on legal solutions both in the Statute of the University of Montenegro and the Law on Higher Education. 

In addition to the Committee members, the meeting was attended by: Ms Radmila Vojvodić, Rector of the University of Montenegro; Prorectors Mr Predrag Stanišić and Mr Srđan Stanković, President of the Management Board of the University Mr Duško Bjelica, Secretary General of the University Ms Jelena Pajković, as well as representative of the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro Ms Miroslava – Mima Ivanović.

The meeting was held in the atmosphere of a constructive debate, in which all participants contributed to considering the upcoming steps toward improvement of the current state, but also to addressing the issues and problems that the University of Montenegro was facing.

The Committee members supported the initial working incentive of the new administration toward building a sustainable model in management of the University of Montenegro. With that goal, through questions and comments, the Committee members pointed out certain problems and significant activities requiring special attention. In general, the debate addressed the problems with staff policy, financial problems, as well as implementation of the new Law on Higher Education.  

Rector Vojvodić pointed out that transparency in considering problems was another step toward achieving the maximum that the University, in its current financial scope, wanted to achieve, and which primarily related to improvement of the quality of classes, improvement of infrastructure, improvement of standards as well as meeting of the EU required criteria.

It was concluded that the cooperation between the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the University of Montenegro could be beneficial in many ways for a more proactive action regarding improvement and development of the University of Montenegro.