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Skupština Crne Gore
Saturday, 04. July 2015. 09:59

Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports pays a two-day visit to the Federal Republic of Germany

1 and 2 July 2015

The Committee met with Deputy Director of Culture and Communication at the Federal Foreign Office Mr Andreas Meitzner, as well as representatives of the Department for Dual Education and Learning of the Administration for Education, Youth and Science of the Capital City – district of Berlin Mr Rolf-Dieter Zehnel and Mr Ralf Jahnke.

The Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports met with the Delegation of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment of Bundestag Ms Patricia Lips and Mr Thomas Feist, Christian Democratic Union (CDU). On that occasion, the members of Montenegrin Delegation were informed on the manner and procedures of work of the committee, consideration of laws and the budget in the Bundestag.

In the second part of the visit, the Committee visited the Leipzig Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Trades and Centre for Training and Technology, as well as the Higher Professional School for Technology, Economy and Culture of Leipzig. Furthermore, the Committee visited the Goethe Institute in Berlin, which was conceived on the principle of work of the NGOs.  

During their visit, the Delegation members had the opportunity to see the German undeniable perfection in technological work, share opinions and present potentials at the disposal of Montenegro, as well as the entire region, to open a new page in the field of mutual respect, overcoming of those problems standing in our European path. The Committee also received useful information on the opportunities for young students, both local and foreign, to have free education at the Higher Professional School for Technology, Economy and Culture of Leipzig. Furthermore, they opened the issues on cooperation with the universities in Montenegro.

This visit has set good foundations for further cooperation and opening of new developing visions at the global level.