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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 04. December 2015. 15:13

Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports holds its 63rd meeting

“Student Leadership Programme” by the Centre for Civic Education presented

Centre for Civic Education is implementing the project “Only knowledge should get you the title” with the support of the European Union Delegation to Montenegro, Heinrich Boil Foundation and Commission for Distribution of a Portion of Income from Games of Chance. One of the activities within that project is related to implementation of the Student Leadership Programme, under which a group of 29 Montenegrin students have already gone through intensive training that included 18 sessions. During their previous work, they treated the issues of the Bologna Declaration, its legal framework, development trends of higher education, quality and achievement in the reform of higher education, recruitment and promotion, mobility of students and researchers, exchange programmes, perception of corruption and transparency, financing and decision making in higher education. Special sessions were devoted to leadership, importance of communication, rules of good speeches and orators, concept of civil disobedience and academic integrity, academic writing and phenomenon of plagiarism. During the panel discussions, attendees talked with guests about student activism in Montenegro, the media and non-governmental organisations as actors of democratisation, as well as the challenges of political marketing and communications in Montenegro. When it comes to new contexts of the activism, the accent is placed on art and activism. Students had an opportunity to conceptualise actions to be implemented on their universities and broader, with the support of the Centre for Civic Education.

Members of the Committee and students shared opinions regarding the current topics. By posing direct questions, students god an opportunity to expand their knowledge on the rights of students and mechanisms of student activism.

At the end of the discussion, Chairperson of the Committee Ms Branka Tanasijević presented diplomas to attendees of the Programme.

Aside from members of the Committee, the meeting was attended by representatives of the Centre for Civic Education: Ms Daliborka Uljarević, Executive Directior, Ms Snežana Kaluđerović and Ms Svetlana Pešić. The meeting was also attended by students-participants of the Programme: Ms Aleksandra Dujović, Mr Amar Škrijelj, Ms Anja Avramovi, Ms Anđela Đuković, Mr Dejan Daković, Mr Dimitrije Jovićević, Ms Elma Hot, Mr Filip Đelević, Ms Irina Koprivica, Ms Iva Mijović, Ms Jelena Backović, Ms Jelena Kontić, Ms Jovan Dašić, Ms Jovana Nikčević, Ms Ljiljana Jokić, Ms Maja Radonjić, Ms Maša Velimirović, Ms Milena Bojanić, Ms Milosava Cerović, Ms Mirha Tahirović, Mr Nemanja Ostojić, Mr Nikola Bošković, Mr Nikola Maksan, Ms Samra Radončić, Ms Svetlana Janković, Ms Tamara Mijušković, Ms Vildana Ljujković, Mr Zoran Dabetić and Ms Željka Ćetković.